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Doghouse sport fishing is one of the top boats for outer banks fishing charters out of the Oregon inlet. The Doghouse is a 61 foot, custom Carolina boat. My wife and I were the contractors, and we have included some pictures of the boat being built. It was a 17 month labor of love. We built the boat to be an inspected vessel, which means we can carry more than the standard 6 passengers. Our boat is inspected to carry 24 passengers. We do not operate as a head boat, which means that we do not charge per person. The boat is yours for the duration of your charter. She is a United States Coast Guard Inspected Vessel. We are certified to carry 24 passengers and with a 17 foot cockpit and a 17 foot salon, we have ample room for everyone.

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For deep sea fishing outer banks the boat has all the amenities of home. It is very spacious, and has ample room for our large groups. We have two central heat, and air condition units which keep you warm, or cold, depending on the season you fish with us. We have plenty of seating in the cockpit, on the bridge, and in the salon. The head (bathroom) is spacious, and has hot and cold running water, and a shower. All the trim, bartops, and seat backs are hand-picked mahogany. In a nutshell, the boat is one of the cleanest, most comfortable, rides your hard-earned dollars can charter. The boat is big, extremely well-built, and has all of the comforts of home. The boat has twin motors, the latest in technology, and the best tackle money can buy. Corporate groups, large family groups, wedding parties, and groups of friends all utilize the services we provide. Come join us for a great day of outer banks charter fishing.

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  • 1 day ago by Doghouse Sportfishing on the Outer Banks of NC

    Doghouse Sportfishing on the Outer Banks of NC
    Blessed with some awesome fall fishing. Trying to concentrate on dolphin, because the sharks are horrendous. Green water goblins, but we should get some clean water shortly, and that should give us some relief.
    Timeline Photos
  • 2 days ago by Doghouse Sportfishing on the Outer Banks of NC

    Doghouse Sportfishing on the Outer Banks of NC
    Two is plenty, 'cause that is more for us! We kept this lovely couple busy, busy, busy. A marriage that fishes together, stays together. Making a Covenant.
    Timeline Photos
    2 days ago Michael Kosar
    Amen to that!
    2 days ago Suzie Lieblein Gozdanovic
    This trip was the icing on our birthday week trip, thanks so much Doghouse!!
    2 days ago Daniel Brooks
    Awesome fishn
    2 days ago Chubba Bruleigh
    Well said!
    2 days ago Philip Church
    Got that right doghouse
    2 days ago Philip Welsh
    love the motto of a couple that fishes together stays together!
  • 3 days ago by Doghouse Sportfishing on the Outer Banks of NC

    Doghouse Sportfishing on the Outer Banks of NC
    Good Monday Morning! Getting ready to connect with the morning show on WOCM-FM Ocean City MD!!
    3 days ago Kirk Bergquist
    Well spoken Shack!
  • 3 days ago by Doghouse Sportfishing on the Outer Banks of NC

    Doghouse Sportfishing on the Outer Banks of NC
    It all comes down to this. Thanks, everyone, for watching. Thank you all for the support you have shown the DOGHOUSE crew, and our family. It looks like we'll start rolling ,again, this winter, GLW. Be a blessing. Shack
    3 days ago Anndria Thorne
    My family and I follow Doghouse on wicked tuna. My husband and I live in clayton nc. We have family in Frisco. We love watching your crew on Wicked Tuna. I wish we could see more prayer on more tv shows. Thank you for sharing God's love with the masses. We all need it now more than ever! Prayers going up for your daughter. We will be in your neck of the woods visiting our beloved Hatteras in two weeks. God bless!
    3 days ago Doghouse Sportfishing on the Outer Banks of NC
    Thank you, all. Thank you for fishing with us, thank you for watching, and thank you, especially, for praying for baby girl. It's going to be a great episode for ya'll. We hope you enjoy. Be a blessing.
    3 days ago Christie Collins Zdon
    Much love and tons of prayers for you all! Thanks for the testimony you share...real people that love Jesus!!!
    3 days ago Kyle Whitley
    Good luck captain. I know the show plays up the "competition" through the year which is think is a little silly. As long as people get back safely and make a living for their families they're all winners.
    3 days ago Michael Miller
    You guys rock. Thanks for the great trip this month. Still eating fish! poor mom won't ever get back on a boat with me again though!!
    3 days ago Angel C. Rowe
    Britton, Congrats on another year. Coming to your neighborhood on Tuesday to make a delivery. Of course I will look for you.
    3 days ago PJ Williams Jr.
    You sir are a direct reflection of what " the locals " go through year after year. You hold the same values of family, God and community that separates the outer banks from other places, and even though hardship, our community stands strong, as our forefathers wanted and take care of our loved ones with emotional support, dignity and respect. These qualities are the very ones that can, and will fix our broken nation as a whole. I grew up in a commercial fishing family, my grandfather Jasper Elliot Williams Sr fished his entire life and took care of his family of nine. Hard as it was, he trusted in the lord and in others in the community to earn a living doing what he loved. He passed when I was in my young 20's and to this day his legacy of hard work, love of God and family runs wild through my veins. To quote him, " never take any wooden nickels" ..
    Godspeed Doghouse for you, your crew and beautiful family..
    3 days ago Christopher Ritchie
    Always a great time on the doghouse !!👊💯
    3 days ago Jack Group
    Always praying for you!
    3 days ago Craig Johnson
    Wishing your family the best of luck in your daughters battle. Praying for her recovery. Love watching you guys on tv. Be safe and God speed to you all.
  • 5 days ago by Doghouse Sportfishing on the Outer Banks of NC

    Doghouse Sportfishing on the Outer Banks of NC
    Bang! That 3 footer on the left side was our high hook. Start them right, and you won't have to worry about them going left!
    Timeline Photos
    3 days ago Tom Flint
    What a wonderful day, We will have to go out out the doghouse again . Pop
    4 days ago Doghouse Sportfishing on the Outer Banks of NC
    That 3 footer is my future. Caine got to spend more time with him, than i, but he has this fishing thing figured out. What a pleasure.
    4 days ago Kathy Crowley Parsons
    That 3 footer is my grandson. He was sooooo excited about that trip. 😍😍😍
    4 days ago Suzen Crooks-Jones
    Russell Jones
    5 days ago Jane N Fred Niethamer
    Check this out Brandon Jones and Suzen Crooks-Jones show this to Wayne
    5 days ago Buddy Carlisle
    5 days ago Caren Jim Rowe
    Great work guys.
    5 days ago Mark Johnson
    Great job! The doghouse crew is the best! I can't wait for next June!!!!
    5 days ago Jim Sweeney
    Very nice
  • 6 days ago by Doghouse Sportfishing on the Outer Banks of NC

    Doghouse Sportfishing on the Outer Banks of NC
    Awesome September fishing! The dolphin have provided the action, the tunas a taste variation, and the marlin are still keeping things interesting. Come get you some.
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